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Yee Sing Edwards Talks About The law Of attraction

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The Law of Attraction states that “people’s thoughts (both conscious and unconscious) dictate the reality of their lives, whether or not they’re aware of it. Essentially “if you really want something and believe it’s possible, you’ll probably get it” but that putting a lot of attention and thought onto something you don’t want means you’ll probably get that too.” – Wikipedia.


According to Steve Pavlina (Personal Development Guru- Steve Pavlina ); “The Law of Attraction simply says that you attract into your life whatever you think about. Your dominant thoughts will find a way to manifest”.

The release of the DVD, The Secret caused a ‘law of attraction frenzy’ amongst the population. According to the proponents, the Law of Attraction has 4 basic principles:

  • Know our desires and ask for it.
  • Focus our thoughts on the things we desire with enthusiasm or gratitude.
  • Feel and behave as if we already acquired it.
  • Be open to receiving it.

I am a great believer of the law of attraction. Why wouldn’t I be? I am living proof that it is true!! Let me share with you some stories of the law working in my own life.

Story 1:

While working as a medical technology intern at our regional hospital in Jamaica, I heard an announcement over the PA system that our hospital CEO received the national award for “Boss of the Year”. I soon found out that the CEO was 28 Years old… impressive achievements for such a young man. I wanted to network with him and learn his story and secrets to his success. There was to be a meeting with the hospital CEO and the Laboratory staff and I decided to introduce myself to him there.

Location Location Location

The CEO, Everton Anderson, sat at the head of the conference table and I positioned myself in the center of the long side of the table…right in his natural line of vision. I was listening keenly to his address. Speakers tend to seek an attentive listener to make eye contact with, so he found me and was often speaking directly to me (most of the others appeared disinterested).

During the seemingly unending debate between the two departments, I raised my hand and made a suggestion:

“Why don’t you create a position or appoint a person to carry out a laboratory investigation and create a strategic plan to improve the operations of the pathology laboratory?”

He thought it was a fantastic idea and asked; “why don’t you do it?”

“But I am an intern…leaving soon.”

“Doesn’t matter. Do it and we will see how it works out.”

BINGO! I was making myself recognized and indispensable…in the event that I wanted to apply for a full time position after the internship period. Since then I had to meet with the CEO to share my ideas and results and my strategic plan was well appreciated. I learned a lot from Everton Anderson and use many of the principles even today.

Story 2

My dad is my hero. I am forever ‘daddy’s little girl’. He and my mom introduced me to leadership and motivation through Dale Carnegie books, Les Brown cassettes (yes, cassettes…you know…finish side one and turn over to side B to continue listening!) He also introduced me to Kirk Nugent’s CD.

Kirk Nugent is a motivational speaker, poet, author, born in Jamaica and based in Florida. I fell in love with his Pursue Your Passion CD. Fast-forward a few years; I created my MySpace site and wrote as my heroes – my dad, Kirk Nugent, Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry “anyone who overcame the obstacles to achieve their goals”.

A few months ago (2 years after having this on my profile) I received a message from Kirk Nugent telling me he loved the work I was doing in the entertainment industry. I was excited to receive such a message of laud from someone whom I admired so much. We began communicating and sharing ideas and he eventually asked me to do some promotional work with him in the Caribbean market.


Even better…I earned mention on his revised CD “I Just Want to Testify”. We collaborate often and he is now a contributor to my YaadNoyz Newsletter and upcoming online magazine, YaadNoyz Magazine.


See? I put it out there to one day meet people with whom I can network and learn and share my own entrepreneurship and leadership ideas. The Law of Attraction is real. I am not without my disappointments, but I still stand by the fact that positive thought manifests itself in success, achievements and self fulfillment.

The Breakdown

There is a process to it too. What really happens (this is my own break down of the law) is that once we focus on something we want; our mind starts to calculate how to get that desire met. Then we start to put those thoughts into actions, resulting in us achieving what we want without consciously calculating how to do it. When we couple our desires with conscious and strategic planning, we can achieve almost anything.

On the flip side, if we believe we cannot achieve a certain feat or desire, our mind ‘believes’ it and makes no effort to get it; instead it starts to accept the fact that it cannot satiate the desire and aim for a lesser feat…the mind ‘settles’.

I have never been a “settler”; I strive for only the best! I strive for complete and total happiness and each obstacle only serves to strengthen my character and makes my future biography that much more interesting (smile).


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