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The Amazing Importance Frequency & Vibration To Us All

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Sound and Frequency impacts everything in life, it is actually what formed matter on the planet. It is also the great unknown when it comes to human energy and healing yet it has the potential to have such a dramatic impact on our health both positively and negatively. This article will show you some incredible videos that show just what a powerful and visual impact on physical matter invisible frequency can actually have.

“If you want to learn the secrets of the universe, think of energy, frequency, and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla

If you think of reality as a gigantic satellite radio, then we are all frequencies that are being broadcast through the same receiver. This satellite radio (aka: God/the Universe/love/all-that-is) offers an endless amount of stations all at once, and you can dial in to any frequency that feels best. Simply put, think of this… just because you may turn to Z100 on the radio dial, it doesn’t mean that HOT97 doesn’t also exist, it’s just that Z100 is the particular frequency that you prefer to vibrate on, because this station has the melodies that move you. Others may find their rhythm from different melodies, but all of life is music nonetheless.

Our frequencies in our daily life manifest in what you “frequently see.” Whether through synchronicities, miracles, hardships, or tribulation, there are always valuable lessons to be learned from what you’re attracting in accordance to your vibration. Like moths to a flame, you will always attract situations that are in exact alignment with your vibration, as every person, place, or experience becomes magnetised to you as a mirror to reflect what you’re reflecting. You can learn from the experience and vibrate higher, or these same experiences will continue to manifest themselves until your frequency changes.

A Quite Incredible video shows further how sound effects physical matter

See how a person singing can impact physical matter

The notion of the importance of sound/frequency/vibration has been understood by many mystery schools, Tibetan Monks, and Sufi mystics, and has been further analysed through the study of Cymatics. Cymatics is the study of the visual effects of sound on matter. As visualised in the photo below, a Cymatics study came to show that the Om sound frequency moves matter into the same geometric shape as seen in the Sri Yanta Mandala.

So with all of this being said, when we view life as this gigantic radio receiver, and we understand we have the ability to dial in to any frequency we wish, we must then ask ourselves, which frequency do we wish to emit? The frequency which has the rhythm of love, beauty, happiness, and kindness that imprints our patterns of perfection to what we “frequently see?” Or do we wish to create patterns of chaos and destruction by vibrating at a low level and perpetuating fear, hatred, judgment, and the illusion of separateness?

All is free choice, and the melodies of the music of your life can move your universe however you wish. Just understand that the “music” that moves through you, moves the matter/what matters in the reality you’re creating.

See a brilliant Ted talk about Cymatics and how sound effects matter

See In Colour How Sound Impacts Matter

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