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Gregg Braden Bridging Science With The Quantum (Amazing Interview)

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gregg braden

A few years ago I was pondering Darwin’s theory of evolution (as you do) and couldn’t shake the feeling that something didn’t quite add up. He stated that natural mutations in the gene sequences of DNA will result in slight changes in the function and appearance of all living beings. If the mutation is beneficial, the new variety of the species will survive better than it’s siblings and is therefore more likely to pass on this successful gene. This allows living organisms to adapt to changing environments and develop new abilities that will help their species to survive.

This is all well and good but if you consider the incredible adaptations in the natural world – snakes seeing in infra-red, insects that can produce unique chemicals to control the behaviour of it’s prey making them easier to catch and lay their eggs in, bats using sonar to navigate, plants that produce certain foods and chemicals that encourage specific insects to protect and nurture them. etc etc etc – you must begin to wonder at these astounding complexities and how these specific changes could possibly occur without some sort of instrumentation or guidance. Even given the proviso of millions of years of random chance and natural selection, these changes in abilities are just too specific and complicated to have occurred by chance.

Following much research into mind energy and studying how thoughts and emotions (both conscious and unconscious) can affect the functions of our bodies, I toyed with the idea that evolution could follow thought/desire. When a creature expresses a wish eg. I wish I could see in infra-red so I could catch that friggin mouse at night (obviously different species will express their wishes differently ie we have spoken language and inner dialogue whereas other creatures may just feel their wishes) this thought vibration increments tiny orchestrated changes within the host’s DNA.

Next I became fascinated by quantum physics. Although nobody truly understands it, there have been verifiable and repeatable experiments that prove that quantum particles react to observation, that they can appear and disappear, be in 2 places at once, 1 particle can pass through 2 slits simultaneously, they travel faster than the speed of light, they can be both particles and waves depending on if they are being observed – basically quantum theory IS the closest thing to explaining true magic and seems to match the teachings of the ancient mystics. Newtonian law does not allow for the existence of magic but the newest discoveries in Quantum physics not only blows Newton out of the water and proves Einstein’s theory of quantum entanglement is wrong, but suggests that we have not even scratched the surface of what is possible in a quantum universe. So how does this relate to evolution?

I recently watched ‘The secrets of quantum physics’ on BBCFOUR (available on iplayer) where I learned that natural mutations are triggered by the quantum particles (protons) that hold the genetic strands together changing and not allowing the exact copy to fit anymore. This results in a different gene attaching and mutation to occur. Now we have already ascertained that sub-atomic particles are influenced by observation (and if you care to watch this video where you will see ‘the phantom particle experiment’ you will discover that sub-atomic particles react to and are directly linked to human DNA), combined with the fact that the unconscious part of our brain is constantly sending messages that release chemicals to invoke changes in our bodies and the placebo effect has shown time and time again that the thought/belief that we are being treated leads to actual changes in the body – so is it not possible that our thoughts and wishes have a direct affect on the quantum particles that bind our genetic strands together and could be orchestrating specific changes/mutations that follow our wishes? This could explain the unbelievably complex and specific variations in life on earth.

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