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Graham Hancock – The War on Consciousness

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graham hancock ted talk

In January of 2013, British author and researcher Graham Hancock presented to a TEDx audience a summary (titled “The War on Consciousness”) of his various investigative work into the historical origins of human consciousness, with key insights addressed along with his own personal experiences. Hancock makes a contrast between the traditional cultural values and practices centered around visionary states of consciousness with the values and practices of the modern industrial world.

The TEDx event was titled “Visions for Transition: Challenging existing paradigms and redefining values (for a more beautiful world)”.  The event was intended to be paradigm-busting, but apparently Hancock wasn’t conservative enough in his message, because his TED talk got banned and removed from their website and their Youtube channel.

Hancock gave an impassioned description of shamanic spirituality as an effective healing discipline offering to reconnect the disenchanted with the experiential world of “spirit”. Our modern industrial establishments have denied, ignored, and demonized such states of consciousness as meaningless, aberrant, or otherwise pathological alterations of normal brain functioning.

This treatment by Western establishments, Hancock mentions, is related to the value it places in what he calls the “alert problem-solving state of consciousness”, one that’s good for “the more mundane aspects of science, the prosecution of warfare, commerce, politics”. However, as Hancock mentions, the over-investment in such a state has failed us, given the inequality, destruction, and pollution that has resulted. Here is the video:

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